NFT Utility

Staking emissions

Turtles NFTs may be staked on our non-custodial platform at Staked NFTs emit $VC at the following rates:
  • No Staking Lock: 1 $VC / day
  • 3 Months Locked: 1.03 $VC /day
  • 6 Months Locked: 1.09 $VC / day
  • 12 Months Locked: 1.18 $VC / day
NOTE: Collection migration has concluded. All previous generation metadata has been eliminated.

Stake To Own

Turtles NFTs may be staked to earn Deal Tokens. Deal Tokens represent fractionalized venture capital deals. Turtles is the only web3 project offering the ability to earn portions of these potentially lucrative deals simply by staking NFTs.
Deal tokens may be redeemed for USDC upon liquidity events. Liquidity events may include, but are not limited to, subsequent funding rounds (Strategic, Series A, etc...), acquisitions, or IDO events.

Turtle Ventures Platform Access

Turtles NFT holders may log into our online venture capital platform and purchase fractional shares of Solana's best companies including seed and pre-IDO rounds. This revolutionary concept allows regular people to become owners of private companies building the best products on Solana. View our current portfolio offerings.

USDC Rewards (20+ Turtles)

Stake our native token $VC for rewards paid in USDC each and every day. Available for collectors who stake 20 or more NFTs.

Alpha Hut Access

Turtles NFT owners receive access to the #Alpha-Hut channel on the project Discord. This channel offers whitelist and alpha opportunities on a daily basis, and serves as the heart of our community. Owners of 1 or more NFTs are eligible once verified through Matrica. The NFT does not need to be staked.

Future NFT Utilities

Our team continues to develop and launch new products for our holders. Our 3-year roadmap (beginning January 1, 2023) includes many planned utilities and innovations accessible only to holders.