About The Art

Turtles was created in 2021 by HelloStarlight0 in collaboration with devs. Since that time, the NFT artwork has been updated two times, with a third update scheduled in March 2023.

2021: Generation 1 Art

The original Turtles art focuses on classic NFT traits with an 8-bit retro pixel aesthetic. 3,333 generative pieces make up the original mint featuring a simple, flat pixel style. As one of the earliest Solana NFT projects, the art has incredible brand value in its ability to inspire memories and feelings of joining the Solana blockchain.

2022: Generation 2 Art

The first art update to the Turtles NFT took place in 2022, introducing exciting new traits with fantasy themes. Basic shading was corrected, and a number of traits were improved. Taking inspiration from the past, new backgrounds and an enhanced color palette took holders deeper into the Turtles universe.

2023: Generation 3 Art

The latest art update brings Turtles into the modern NFT ecosystem by delivering the perfect profile picture art in a 16-bit style. Traits are derived from the clothing degens love, including Turtles' own merch line. Shading and balance are dramatically improved, and generative traits are carefully layered to build depth and structure.

What's Next?

Our goal is to create a timeless, iconic, and fun profile picture that web3 users will enjoy for years to come. We will continue building brand value and utility into our collection, without disrupting the original magic of Turtles' pixel art.

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